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Elevox - A Multiplayer Adventure Game

This game focuses on doing RPG-like tasks, like fighting, exploring dungeons, questing, etc., while having a dynamic gameplay in a completely randomly generated world with practically no limits. This game resembles alot functions from a MMORPG and put them into a world of cubes, which can be explored and partly claimed by player and npc guilds. Your character can develop in many different directions.

You choose a fighting class, as well as a job, which doesn't only scale by one level value but with a mastery system, that allows you to specialize in this class, so that your character truly is unique.

This game focuses on multiplayer, but you can also play it in single player mode, where NPCs will take the roles of other players entirely.

You can do what you want and when you want it:

- join a guild and building a city

- explore huge landscapes

- explore dungeons and get their valuable loot

- master your skills in fighting and/or your job


Note: This version is free (it's a early demo), but it will cost a minimum price later. Paying money for this can be seen as donation for this project.


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